Vitruvian Boy

Syracuse, Sicily

Torn apart by the second of the world wars, series one, the Mediterranean community has been all but reduced to a market opportunity for the multitasking armies of Rome from across the water. Ever ready to pre-emptively defend their trademark, the eagle, the Roman Republicans are determined to use every dirty trick imaginable to engineer a run on the stock of their greatest rival, Carthage.

The little kingdom of Syracuse finds itself fighting cost-effectively for its very survival. Caught in the crossfire, and faced with a 50,000 man trade delegation looming over the horizon, the Syracusans bravely turn their hopes to the genius in their midst, Archimedes, to come up with weapons of mass destruction to protect them.

Into this unlikely scene plops our hero, Sean Seulpierre.

His first act is to immediately discredit Archimedes, the consequences of which could cause ripples of change that leave history in tatters. So it falls to our hero to strike an alliance with the famous scientist and Eurekacologist, as he searches for his lost family and tries to avoid being skinned alive for his troubles.


Greg's Time: Year   - 212

Vitruvian Time: Year   1

"Where can I find some copper wiring?"
Archimedes thought for a moment before answering: "Try the lads at Ye Olde Bronze Age metal merchants. They are a little old-fashioned, now that everyone is moving over to the new fad of iron, but they do a good job on order."
"But I need copper, not bronze."
"That's ok. Just ask for bronze wires and say 'hold the tin'."

Sean agrees to help Archimedes build a death ray.
[Vitruvian Boy, Chapter 4, Eureka Arcade]

Quote of the day...

Ancient or not, the Seulpierre family as you will find it today is not really that different to any other family, here or there. Which means it is in every way unique.

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